Stacy porter suffers from incessant headaches and crippling migraines. This was the scene before the 29-year-old lady underwent a surgery that transformed her life.

An Ohio marketing professional candidly confesses that he has been suffering from migraines since he was two years old. He suffers for almost fifteen days every month with relentless migraines. The pain has an adverse effect on the health of the person.

Symptoms of this dreary disease include excruciating pain in the temples, nausea and some patients are sensitive to light and they need to wear sunglasses to avoid the bright light which may result in a migraine attack.

Till date, it is very unfortunate but true that none of the medicines have been effectively cured the nasty headaches and crippling migraines. The pain is eased but is not really cured by the doses. All this underwent a transformation when she underwent a surgery at the age of 21 years. Stacy confirms the fact that she has never had an attack of an awful migraine.

Surgery – Is It Safe?

The renowned plastic surgeon Bahman Guyuron, MD, of Case Western Reserve University states that Stacy’s is one of the many that resort to surgery to get rid of migraines that can cripple a person with dreadful pain. His recent analysis throws light on the same.

Forehead Lift Surgery

Guyuron has successfully treated 400 migraine patients by the easy forehead lift surgery hat is now regarded as the latest and the best way to cure migraines. This surgery works wonders where medicines fail to prove results. Patients have never complained of suffering from a migraine after the surgery. However, the critics are still breathing in anticipation and are not very convinced about the method of treating migraine by plastic surgery.

The study conducted by Guyuron

He and his team aimlessly allocated 75 patients with a migraine prompting sites and to undergo a virtual or a real surgery. The patients were unaware of the kind of surgery they would undergo.

During a real surgery the nerves at the forehead were cut specifically and like Stacy’s case, the nerve that was eliminated happened to be the one that had crow’s feet. As for others, the nerve was cut to eliminate the unwanted frown lines from the forehead.

This wonder surgery works spontaneously and shows effective results like botox injections that are used largely for treating migraines. Actually, the patients that underwent actual surgery underwent botox injections that ensured if they were ready for surgery or not.


All in all 49 patients underwent an actual surgery and 26 of them had the deceiving surgery.

After one year 83% of the people that had undergone a real surgery clearly reported a reduction of 50% in the attack of migraine and the deceptive surgery group still had only 57% of people that did not complain It is very astonishing to note that 57% of the patients confessing that there were zilch attacks of disturbing migraines and the deceiving group stated that only four percent patients reported the same. This report is available in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal.

It should be clearly mentioned that surgery may or may not suit everyone. But it is a great way of saying goodbye to nasty migraines and it is a great cure for treating migraines where medicines have failed to display effective results.